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Use Abacus.AI’s state of the art AI platform to run your own models at enterprise scale

Vector Matching Engine
Plug and Play Your Models
Explainable AI and Debiasing

Organizations can use one or more of these modules to accelerate in-house developed models to production, debias them, and add explainability to them.

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Real Time ML Feature Store
Merge batch and streaming data pipelines
Create custom ML and DL features
Real-time feature look-up API
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Vector Matching Engine
Scales to billions of embeddings
Enterprise scale update speeds and millisecond latencies
Applied to language, image and recommender models
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Plug and Play Your Models
Model monitoring and auto-scaling
Real-time predictions dashboard
Automated data pipelines and data wrangling
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Explainable AI AND DeBiasing
Get explanations for model's predictions
Generate feature importance graphs for models
Remove age, sex, gender and all other biases from models
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