LLM Fine-Tunes
Unlock the Power of Affordable, Open-Source LLMs, Matching the performance of GPT 3.5 at Half the Cost!
Ease of use - Abacus’s LLM fine-tunes are simple to create and easy to use. In fact, if you're already an OpenAI user, all you need to do is switch your API key
Performance - Pick a base model - Llama2 or Giraffe - and enable auto-fine-tune to reach performance on par with GPT 4.0
Inference Speed - Optimized for Fast Inference so your client APIs don’t have abnormal wait times
Fine-tune models using your data and/or get access to industry-specific and domain specific fine-tunes
Fine-tune Llama2 or Giraffe for your specific use case. Fine-tuning improves performance over the base model, and a well-executed fine-tune can match GPT-4’s performance and is 20 times cheaper. You can either upload a dataset and create a fine-tune or set up auto-fine-tuning to periodically fine-tune a base model using the requests sent to it.
Llama2 is a state-of-the-art open-source LLM launched by Meta. Giraffe is a context-extended, instruct fine-tune of Llama2 and can support 32k context length. Giraffe also achieves superior performance on various MT-Bench metrics such as reasoning and writing. More details on Giraffe can be found here
Llama2 13B fine-tune $1.4
Llama2 70B fine-tune $6
Mixtral 8x7B fine-tune $3
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Unbeatable Value
Abacus LLM APIs are not only competitively priced but also offer unparalleled performance, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.
Intuitively Designed
Crafted with superior design principles, our APIs provide the most straightforward and intuitive access to open-source LLMs, making integration a breeze.
Robust Security and Scalability
With a rich history of catering to enterprise clients, we at Abacus prioritize security and scalability above all. Rest assured, our services are SOC2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant, providing a reliable foundation for your business operations.
Superior Service Level Agreements
Our SLAs are either on par with or surpass those of similar services in terms of performance, ensuring you experience minimal downtime and receive prompt support when needed.
Ample Choices
At Abacus, we provide a diverse range of LLMs to cater to your unique needs. Get first access to state of the art LLMs launched by Abacus.
Stateful API
Simplify your application development process with Abacus Stateful APIs, eliminating the need for constructing state machines.
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