Vision AI
Use state of art deep learning models to extract insights from your images
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Image Classification & Detection
Hybrid Models
Image Classification & Detection
Simple Setup
Simply upload your images, use our in-built labelling tool to annotate them and train your models with the click of a button. No need to spend time on building models or tuning the hyperparameters. Abacus.AI automatically figures out the ideal hyperparameters that generate the best model
Pretrained Embeddings
Abacus.AI lets you pick a pre-trained embedding to bring insights gained from large corpus of images to your data or you could choose to train a vision embedding catered to your domain.
Improved Accuracy
Combining structured data with images improves the accuracy of your predictive or forecasting models
Rich Console + Analytics
Our rich and user-friendly console provides an easy interface for you to tweak your data, build models, evaluate them and view predictions
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