The research team at Abacus.AI makes fundamental contributions to the field of AI/ML that might have an impact in the short or long run and does applied research that has benefits in practice. The areas we have been focusing on include large language models, time-series forecasting, recommender systems, automated machine learning, meta-learning, deep learning for tabular data, deep learning optimization, and fairness/debiasing in deep learning.
The team already has an impressive list of publications in top-tier conferences and workshops in just over four years of its conception.
Arka Pal, Deep Karkhanis, Manley Roberts, Samuel Dooley, Arvind Sundararajan, Siddartha Naidu
arXiv Preprint
Conference and Journal Papers
Samuel Dooley, Gurnoor Singh Khurana, Chirag Mohapatra, Siddartha Venkat Naidu, Colin White
NeurIPS 2023
Samuel Dooley, Rhea Sukthanker, John P Dickerson, Colin White, Frank Hutter, Micah Goldblum
NeurIPS 2023
Duncan McElfresh, Sujay Khandagale, Jonathan Valverde, Vishak Prasad C, Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Micah Goldblum, Colin White
NeurIPS 2023 DBT
Valeriia Cherepanova, Steven Reich, Samuel Dooley, Hossein Souri, John P Dickerson, Micah Goldblum, Tom Goldstein
AIES 2023
Swapnil Sayan Saha, Sandeep Singh Sandha, Mohit Aggarwal, Brian Wang, Liying Han, Julian de Gortari Briseno, and Mani Srivastava
Swapnil Sayan Saha, Yayun Du, Sandeep Singh Sandha, Luis Antonio Garcia, and Mani Srivastava
Duncan McElfresh, Sujay Khandagale, Jonathan Valverde, John Dickerson, Colin White
Workshop at AutoML-Conf 2022
Arjun Krishnakumar, Colin White, Arber Zela, Renbo Tu, Mahmoud Safari, Frank Hutter
NeurIPS Datasets Track 2022
Colin White, Mikhail Khodak, Renbo Tu, Shital Shah, Sébastien Bubeck, Debadeepta Dey
ICLR 2022 Blog Track
Yash Mehta, Colin White, Arber Zela, Arjun Krishnakumar, Guri Zabergja, Shakiba Moradian, Mahmoud Safari, Kaicheng Yu, Frank Hutter
ICLR 2022
Yang Liu, Sujay Khandagale, Colin White, Willie Neiswanger
NeurIPS Datasets Track 2021
Shen Yan, Colin White, Yash Savani, Frank Hutter
NeurIPS 2021
Colin White, Arber Zela, Binxin Ru, Yang Liu, Frank Hutter
NeurIPS 2021
Kaicheng Yu, René Ranftl, Mathieu Salzmann
TPAMI 2021
Yang Liu, Jeremy Bernstein, Markus Meister, Yisong Yue
ICML 2021
Colin White, Sam Nolen, Yash Savani
UAI 2021
Colin White, Willie Neiswanger, Sam Nolen, Yash Savani
Selected for spotlight presentation | NeurIPS 2020
Yash Savani, Colin White, Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu
NeurIPS 2020
Workshop Papers
Manley Roberts, Himanshu Thakur, Christine Herlihy, Colin White, Samuel Dooley
NeurIPS Workshop, I Can't Believe It's Not Better: Failure Modes in the Age of Foundation Models, 2023
Gurnoor Khurana, Samuel Dooley, Siddartha Naidu, Colin White
ICLR Workshop on Practical ML for Developing Countries, 2023
Vishak Prasad, Colin White, Paarth Jain, Sibasis Nayak, Rishabh Iyer, Ganesh Ramakrishnan
Workshop at AutoML-Conf 2022
Colin White, Willie Neiswanger, Yash Savani
NeurIPS Workshop on Bayesian Deep Learning 2019
Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu and Colin White
NeurIPS Workshop on Robust AI in Financial Services, 2019
Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu and Colin White
NeurIPS Workshop on Knowledge Representation to ML, 2019
Simon Schrodi, Colin White, Ekrem Ozturk, Danny Stoll, Frank Hutter