Image Classification & Detection
Train an image classification & detection model specific to your domain and use it to classify and detect relevant objects
Automatically tag and catalog products to optimize search relevance
Use object and facial recognition to improve security
Detect and eliminate illicit content
With Abacus.AI you can set up state-of-the-art deep learning models for image classification & detection within hours. Based on your specific domain and use case, Abacus.AI can fine-tune pretrained models, apply transfer learning or simply train new vision models from scratch. No cumbersome data preparation or engineering effort to deploy the models in production is required.
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For enterprises

Simple Setup
Simply upload your images, use our intuitive annotation tool and train your models with the click of a button. No need to spend time on building models or tuning the hyperparameters. Abacus.AI automatically figures out the ideal hyperparameters that generate the best model.
Automated Process
With Abacus.AI you can periodically refresh your training or prediction data and retrain models at a scheduled time. Also, read data from and write to your favorite data lake with the click of a button..
Highly Accurate
Our Vision AutoML finds the best in class models that generate highly accurate predictions.
Rich Console + Analytics
Our rich and user-friendly console provides an easy interface for you to tweak your data, build models, evaluate them and view predictions.
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