MLOps Research
Model Hosting and Data Pipelines
Model hosting and auto-scaling of machine and deep learning models
Periodic data refresh, model retraining and deployment
Versioning, RBAC and Audit logs for compliance and governance
Operationalize your models in production using the model and data pipelines from Abacus.AI
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Enterprise Ready
Abacus.AI vector matching engine provides enterprise grade security, governance, compliance and high availability. RBAC to ensure controls over who can refresh the data and retrain the model. Audit logs to track the data and model changes
Model Versioning & Traceable Model Results
Track changes to the model over time including model artifacts and change logs with model versioning. Have complete traceability into your predictions. Meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements by attributing back each prediction to the model and the model version
Accelerate Time To Delivery
Shorten the time from training to production. Adapt rapidly to changing market conditions and iterate quickly
Meet SLAs for throughput and latency
Real-time predictions delivered at enterprise scale with a latency of 150 ms
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