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Real-Time ML Feature Store
Merge batch and streaming data pipelines
Build features in SQL or Python using intuitive UI or API
Create nested and time travel features for advanced ML models
Easily deploy real-time AI models at scale with an Enterprise-Class ML feature store that provides security, governance and high SLAs
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Merge Data From Multiple Data Sources
Easily connect multiple data sources and specify data transformations using our simple ETL filter interface. Abacus.AI will take care of merging, removing duplicates, and other data cleaning operations
Versioning and Monitoring
All Features and Datasets are check pointed for compliance, transparency, and debugging. Monitor features to ensure smooth updates
Share Feature Across Data Science Teams
Create a feature and then share it with other teams. Build once and efficiently utilize it multiple times using our enterprise class ML feature store
Enterprise Ready
Abacus.AI vector matching engine provides enterprise grade security, governance, compliance and high availability
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