A popular tools company selling product on multiple platforms including Amazon and HomeDepot
The company used Abacus.AI to optimize inventory to ensure high availability of stock while limiting excess inventory
The company wanted to optimally manage inventory
The company used Abacus.AI Demand forecasting model to predict the inventory requirement for various SKUs
Resulted in predictions that are 72% more accurate than what the company achieved using its models
Forecasted on ~5,000 SKUs
Decreased the forecasted percentage error by 42%
Forecasted for 1 month to 12 month timeframes
Very large retail company
The company used Abacus.AI to generate cart recommendations using Abacus.AI’s vector matching engine
The company wanted to recommend items to users based on what’s already in their cart in real time
Abacus.AI vector matching engine was used to generate recommendations
Generated recommendations under 20ms latency
Under 20ms latency
Scales upto 10,000+ Queries/Second
Handles millions of requests/day