Sales and Revenue Forecasting
Forecast sales and revenue for individual sellers, sales teams, products, business units, and locations, or any other dimension
No cumbersome data preparation required - easy initial setup
Deep learning based technology increases accuracy by several manifolds
No data hassles to deal with
Use deep learning to forecast your sales across multiple dimensions. Make better planning discussions and anticipate future problems so you can mitigate them.
Free Expert Consultation
For enterprises

  • Visualize Raw Data 
  • Synthetic Data Generation 
Accurate Forecasts
More accurate than other classical methods, our deep learning model can discern patterns across all your products and from Google Trends.
Fully Automated
Simply send us your historical data, and we will take care of data processing, model training, retraining, and serving the predictions.
Predictable Revenue
Plan better with accurate forecasts.
No Upfront Costs
You don't pay anything to get started and only pay for usage.
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