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Cloud Spend Alerts
Deploy our state-of-the-art deep learning model to monitor your cloud spend, spot anomalies, spot runaway incidents, mitigate cost incidents, and get alerts so they can be remedied quickly
Save up to 30% on your AWS bill
Set up takes minutes
Customized to your unique usage pattern
Use deep learning to find anomalies in your cloud usage and get alerts on them so that you can mitigate cost incidents.
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Detect Runaway AWS Spend Incidents in Real-Time
Monitor CloudWatch metrics and detect runaway spend incidents in real-time.
Save Up to 30% on Your AWS Bill
The primary reasons for a high AWS bill are runaway processes and unattended instances. Our system prevents these and keeps your AWS bill from snowballing out of control.
Active Learning System
A custom deep learning model is created based on your account. This model learns from your feedback and disambiguates between planned workloads and runaway spend incidents.
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