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Sentiment Analysis
Detect sentiment in customer emails, chats, support tickets, product reviews or social media and act to improve your business
Improve customer retention by acting on sentiment
Analyze millions of tweets, blog posts and forums at low cost
Increase employee retention by identifying early dissatisfaction
With Abacus.AI you can set up state of the art deep learning models for Sentiment Analysis within hours. Based on your specific domain and use-case, Abacus.AI can fine-tune pre-trained models, apply transfer learning or simply train new language models from scratch. No cumbersome data preparation or engineering effort to deploy the models in production are required.
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Simple Setup
Simply upload your labelled document to get predictions. No need to spend time on building models or tuning the hyperparameters. Abacus.AI automatically figures out the ideal hyperparameters that generate the best model
Domain Specific Training deep learning models can understand the meaning of the text and pick up domain specific knowledge based on your training data
Detect multiple sentiments
Sentiment has more dimensions than just positive and negative. We can detect multiple sentiments such as sarcasm, anger, e.t.c
Rich Console + Analytics
Our rich and user-friendly console provides an easy interface for you to evaluate the model performance and view predictions
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