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Transaction Fraud
Accept payments with confidence, reduce chargebacks and catch payment fraud as it happens
Stop transaction/payment fraud in its tracks
Reduce risk in your revenue growth
Set up in just hours
Behind the scenes, our AI engine develops a custom deep learning model for you that prevents transaction fraud and catches fraudsters in real-time. Set up is super-simple and doesn't require any ML expertise
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Block Fraudsters and Stop Losses
Avoid chargebacks, and prevent fraudsters from using stolen credit cards.
Score Each Transaction
Our engine develops a custom deep learning model that scores all your transactions in real-time. Use our simple API to block transactions with a high fraud score.
Rich Console + Analytics
Our user-friendly console identifies spurious transactions and configures workflows so your fraud teams can easily triage alerts. You will get detailed reports on how fraud may be impacting your business.
Data Augmentation
We build a custom deep learning model that augments your data with synthetic data and other 3rd party signals to generate accurate results.
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