Account Takeover and Defense
Shield your customers from account takeovers by blocking bots and fake signups
Prevent bot accounts, bad actors, or malicious insiders from taking over accounts
Increased accuracy with deep learning
Set up is simple and takes just hours
Behind the scenes, our AI engine will develop a custom deep learning model to prevent bot attacks and stops account takeovers in real time. Setup is super simple and doesn't require any engineering or cumbersome data preparation.
Free Expert Consultation
For enterprises

Stop Fake Signups and Account Takeovers
Detect spurious activity in real time and shut down fake accounts. Prevent loyal customers from having their accounts taken over.
Get Started in Minutes
Point us to your logs or use our simple JS or Python API to send us data. We will build your data pipelines, create a deep learning model, and find bad actors.
Rich Console + Analytics
Our user-friendly console displays the identified spurious accounts and configures workflows so your fraud teams can easily triage alerts. You'll get detailed reports on how fraud may be impacting your business.
Data Augmentation
We’ll build a custom deep learning model that augments your data with synthetic data and other third party signals to generate accurate results.
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