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Financial Metrics Forecasting
Accurately plan your cash flow, revenue and sales with state-of-the-art deep learning-based forecasting
More accurate than other methods
Easy to set up and get started
Forecast on any dimension including business unit, product, or location
We use generative modeling and deep learning to augment your dataset with synthetic data. This unique approach allows us to make accurate predictions, even when you have little historical data.
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  • Visualize Raw Data 
  • Synthetic Data Generation 
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Forecast Multiple Metrics
Forecast multiple related metrics such as revenue, cash flow, and sales. Our deep learning system will learn from all available data about your products, SKUs and even sales people's profiles.
Handle Small Datasets
Our AI service automatically augments your data with synthetic data. This means we can make accurate forecasts, even if you have little historic data.
Completely Autonomous and no cumbersome data preparation required
You don't need any ML experience to run our forecasting service. It works in a completely autonomous fashion and can handle data pipelines, model deployment, re-training, and governance. The service will also auto-scale up or down based on traffic load.
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