Demand Forecasting
Accurately forecast demand over time
Forecast variables over varying amounts of time
Generative models produce accurate predictions even with little historical data
Completely autonomous - no data hassles or retraining headaches
We use generative modeling (GANs) to augment your dataset with synthetic data. This allows us to make accurate predictions even when you have little historical data.
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For enterprises

  • Visualize Raw Data 
  • Synthetic Data Generation 
Meet Customer Demand
Our state-of-the-art demand forecasting algorithms are the most accurate in the industry and ensure that you optimize resources.
Handle small datasets
Our AI service automatically augments your data with synthetic data. We can make accurate forecasts, even if you have little historical data.
No Data Preparation Required
You don't need to perform cumbersome data munging and ML engineering to use our forecasting service. It works in a completely autonomous fashion and can handle data pipelines, training, retraining, and model deployment. The service will auto-scale up or down based on traffic load.
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