Timeseries Anomaly Detection
Spot anomalies in your time series data by using deep learning models to increase revenue, save costs and reduce risks
Spot and capitalize on changing trends to increase sales
Identify issues early and save costs by reducing downtime
Reduce operational and security risks by spotting abnormal data swings
With Abacus.AI you can set up state of the art deep learning models for time series anomaly detection within hours. These models adjust in real time and spot both simple one dimensional and complex multidimensional anomalies. Our models also help you find the root cause of the anomalies. No cumbersome data preparation or engineering effort to deploy the models in production are required.
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Simple Setup
No need for any complex rules or data labelling. Our deep learning models learn from your past data and identify patterns. Also, don't waste time dealing with data hassles. We will automatically create your data pipeline and retrain your models.
Detect Complex Anomalies
With Abacus.AI you can detect both simple one dimensional and complex multi dimensional anomalies with ease. We will also help you pin down and identify the root cause of the anomalies
Online Learning
Our models adapt to your data in real-time. This means we can deal with your fast-changing data patterns with high accuracy
Rich Console + Analytics
Our user-friendly console displays the identified anomalies and makes it easy for you to dig deeper and pinpoint the root cause
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