AI Agents
AI agents are enterprise apps powered by LLMs for specific tasks such as custom chatbot, summarization, custom data insights, code translation and content creation. Build AI agents using the Abacus platform in minutes and deploy them in production.
Use custom data transformers, vector stores and custom user-code modules
Call out to any LLM (GPT4 or fine-tuned by Abacus)
Chain data, user-code and LLM modules together
Deploy into production and monitor usage
Data science teams can leverage Abacus to build AI agents to get insights from your internal knowledgebase and data and make decisions in minutes!
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Enterprise Ready
The AI Agents from Abacus AI come with enterprise grade security, governance, compliance and high availability. Can be deployed in an airtight environment.
Supports Chaining
Support chaining of multiple requests to build applications or Advanced AI Agents.
The AI Agents can be scaled horizontally to meet your throughout and latency requirements. Can serve thousands of concurrent requests with minimal latency.
The AI Agents have access to a real-time vector store to retrieve the relevant context when required.
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