Create a custom ChatGPT and supercharge your company with AI. Abacus.AI’s ChatLLM is the first of its kind product that leverages best of both finetuning and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) techniques to build a custom chatbot on your knowledge base. Choose your preferred LLM or let Abacus pick the best for your knowledge base
Get the best of both fine tuning and RAG techniques
Compare and pick the best LLM for your use case with autoeval
Get SOTA research in multi-modal and large context LLMs
You can choose any open-source or closed-source LLMs such as Llama2, Abacus Giraffe, GPT4, Claude, Palm, etc or let us pick the best based on your evaluation set. Seamlessly expose the Chatbots to end users through APIs and Chat portals from Abacus that can be integrated into your website or through messaging apps such as Teams and Slack.
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Cutting edge long context LLM and Multi-Modal research
Autoevaluate and pick the best LLM
Abacus.AI ChatLLM can be fine-tuned on a diverse set of structured and unstructured datasets that include internal wiki pages, documentation, customer tickets, marketing materials, training materials, code.
Our ChatLLM takes into account your past conversations and builds context while generating responses to your queries.
Abacus.AI ChatLLM is extremely scalable to meet your throughput and latency requirements. Can serve thousands of requests per second with sub-second latency and with high accuracy.
Automated Pipelines and Continuous Re-Training
Abacus.AI can set up pipelines to monitor for updates in your knowledge base and continuously fine tune your ChatLLMs so that they are up to date.
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