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Vector Matching Engine
Perform efficient and accurate searches on large amounts of vector embeddings. Train embeddings for posts, images or documents using DL models. Given a vector, you can use the matching engine to find vectors similar to one in the query, in milliseconds
Scales to billions of embeddings
Enterprise scale update speeds and millisecond latencies
Applied to language, image and recommender models
The Abacus.AI solution can support any nearest neighbor algorithm, incorporates state-of-the-art efficiency techniques and can deliver 100% recall. It is the ONLY solution of it's kind in the industry.

Apply Vector Matching Engine to ad-targeting, personalization, NLP powered shot or image classification
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Meet SLAs for throughput and latency
Real-time predictions delivered at enterprise scale with a latency of 150 ms
Large scale
Abacus.AI vector similarity can work on datasets that have more than 1Bn+ vectors
Highly Accurate
Our vector similarity search is best in class and generates predictions with extremely high accuracy
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