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Early Incident Detection
Deploy our state-of-the-art deep learning model to detect IT incidents BEFORE they happen and increase uptime. Reduce alert fatigue and increase the efficiency of your operations team

Detect IT incidents before they happen
Setup takes minutes
Customized to your unique usage pattern

Use deep learning to find anomalies in all your IT logs, get alerts and mitigate IT incidents. No ML expertise is required, and it takes minutes to set up.
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  • Early Warning Incident Detection 
    Real-time Monitoring and Incident Detection
    Monitors cloud watch metrics and logs in real-time to detect incidents and send your alerts.
    Increase Uptime, Revenue and Customer Satisfaction
    Significantly increase uptime by getting early warnings of impending outages/incidents.
    Active Learning System
    We create a custom deep learning model based on your account. The model learns from your feedback and disambiguates between real incidents and increased usage.
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